Huazhe(Harry) Xu

How to pronounce my name?
In the Wade-Giles system of romanization, it is rendered as Huache Tsu.
In Chinese characters, it is 许华哲.

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About Me

I am a third year Ph.D student in BAIR (Berkeley AI Research) advised by Prof. Trevor Darrell. I am also working as an intern researcher in Facebook AI Research with Prof. Tengyu Ma and Yuandong Tian. I used to be an undergraduate student in Department of Electronic Engineering, School of Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. I studied as an exchange student in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Toronto in Fall 2014.

I worked in Center for Intelligent Image and Document Information Processing, advised by Prof. Qi Tian(UTSA) and Prof. Liangrui Peng since 2014. In Fall 2014, I spent 3 months wonderful time in Machine Learning Group in University of Toronto co-advised by Prof. Sanja Fidler and Prof. Raquel Urtasun. In Summer 2015, I worked at Berkeley Vision and Learning Center(BVLC) and International Computer Science Institute(ICSI) as a research assistant, advised by Prof. Trevor Darrell and Prof. Jiashi Feng.

My research interests lie in computer vision, deep learning, reinforcement learning and their applications.


Aug. 2012 - Jul. 2016 (Expected), Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University,

Balchlor of Engineering, GPA: 93/100, ranking: 5/238. Average of Math and Math-Related Courses: 95.4/100.

Aug. 2014 - Dec. 2014, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto,

Exchange Student, GPA: 4.0/4.0.

July. 2015 - Sept. 2015, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Berkeley,

Visiting Researcher.

Selected Research Projects

Weakly Supervised Deep Scene Parsing with Attributes,

Huazhe Xu, Jiashi Feng, Trevor Darrell,

Jul 2015 - Nov 2015, UC Berkeley,

Natural Language Object Retrieval with RNN,

Ronghang Hu, Huazhe Xu, Marcus Rohrbach, Jiashi Feng, Kate Saenko and Trevor Darrell,

Jul 2015 - Nov 2015, UC Berkeley,

Automobile Visual Taste Ranking,

Huazhe Xu, Sanja Fidler, Raquel Urtasun,

2015 Fall , University of Toronto,

Publications and Manuscripts

Honors and Awards





Here is a partial catalog of my attempts at becoming more than what I am today. I doubt I will ever succeed totally but I hope I will never stop trying.

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