Huazhe Xu

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I am a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS), Tsinghua University. I am leading the Tsinghua Embodied AI Lab (TEA Lab, logo), where we build robots and then bring intelligence to robots.

I was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL) advised by Prof. Jiajun Wu. I obtained my Ph.D. in Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) advised by Prof. Trevor Darrell. I obtained my bachelor degree from Tsinghua University (major in EE, minor in Management).

I am hiring self-motivated Postdocs, Ph.D. students, Undergrads, and Research Interns at Tsinghua (base: Beijing, Shanghai). See more details in Chinese here.

I am also hiring talented engineers and interns in an embodied AI startup.

Please email me with your CV directly.

I support Slow Science.

Research Topics

I am interested in Embodied AI: Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, and Computer Vision/Touch. Specifically, my research focuses on modeling the dynamics of the world, leveraging/finding human priors for policy learning, and further enabling algorithms to learn in a sample-efficient manner and generalize to unseen scenarios. I am also interested in solving complex real robot applications with deep learning and reinforcement learning.